SYSTEM Calculations (SSIS)


  • in cash desk of registry of paid services in city policlinic № 26(Kuntsevshchina Street,8,the 1 floor, Minsk)
  • at any branch of the bank by transfer of money to the account 363 200 919 3612,in Banking Services Center 536 Minsk

JSC “Belinvestbank”, code 739 , Payer's Identification Number 190500296, RNNBO 37626540

  • By means of the SYSTEM Calculations (SSIS)

 SYSTEM "Calculations" (SSIS)

System "Calculation" - automated information system of a single settlement and information space (AIS SSIS) was established by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus in order to simplify the organization receiving payments from individuals and legal entities. (Site of the system -, telephone contact center - 141) If you make the payment in cash of the bank, please inform the cashier about the need to make a payment through the "Calculation" (SSIS)

In the catalog of system" Calculation" the services of the 26th city policlinic are in the section:

Minsk → Social service, Health care → Policlinics → city policlinic №26.

To make a payment you must::

  1. Select the "System" calculation "(SSIS).

Select series tabs: Minsk → Social service, Health care → Policlinics → city policlinic №26

  1. Enter the receipt number.

3 Enter the payment amount (if not specified).

  1. Check the correctness of the information.
    5. Make payment.