The paid service "personal therapist" is provided in the health care facility "Сity policlinic №26"

Reception is conducted by the therapist of the first category with a wide experience of work.

Such doctor is more, than just the therapist. He will estimate a state of your health in general, will appoint necessary inspection and consultations of specialists.

Complex medical examination includes:

  • specification of complaints and collecting anamnesis;
  • estimation of anthropometric data;
  • blood test and urine (general blood test, blood glucose, biochemical blood test, general analysis of urine);
  • ultrasonic researches (thyroid gland, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, mammary glands, genitals);
  • electrocardiography;
  • echocardiography;
  • radiological research of thoracic organs.

If the person wants to get only single consultation, then in time, convenient for himself he will be able to meet with the specialist of the highest rank, to get necessary advice, recommendations.

The cost of the services you can find by stationary phone: + 375 17 369 44 54, + 375 17 315-32-70; mob. tel. + 375 44 570 08 69 (velcom)

New paid service "personal gynecologist" was entered in health care facility "Сity policlinic №26"

The service "personal gynecologist" includes:

  • consultations and surveys of the obstetrician-gynecologist and therapist;
  • Sampling of smears (on oncocytology, on gonococcus,trichomoniasis, flora (gin.));
  • Extended colposcopy with cytology;
  • Blood and urine tests(general blood test, blood test on sugar (glucose),general urine analysis );
  • ultrasound researches (abdominal organs and kidneys, thyroid gland, uterus and appendages);
  • radiological research of mammary glands;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • fluorography.

Approximate cost of services "personal gynecologist" is 1 464 000 (146,40) rub.

For more information on the service can be obtained from the head of the maternity welfare unit Alla V. Voropaeva cab. 436, tel. + 375 17 392 56 14.

New paid service "personal cardiologist" was entered in health care facility "Сity policlinic №26"

We offer you a new option – consultation with an experienced 1st qualification category cardiologist.

The price amounts to 83 500 (8,35) BYR (for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus).

You may also choose a consultation + ECG + ECG interpretation on the day of visit option.

The price for the option amounts to 110 500 (11,05) BYR.

To make an appointment, please, contact us at +375 17 369 44 54 or 375 44 570 08 69 (Velcom)