History of policlinic


Health care facility "City policlinic №26". Mikhail T.Zhamoytin was the first head of policlinic

was founded in April, 1995
since 2007 till2010


Vladimir M.Zhilevich was the head of policlinic.


Chief physician was Sergey A. Belyaev

since 2010 till February 12, 2015
since June 17, 2015


Alina Y. Rogova directs establishment.


Health care facility «Сity policlinic №26" is establishment of primary link of the medical and sanitary help of Healthcare Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee on the organization of access qualified medical care to adult population.

Today the policlinic covers the area of service with the population more than 86300 people. Power of policlinic – 850 visits per shift.

The regional cabinet of the gynecologic help to children of Frunzensky district is a part of a maternity welfare center
For today
since March 01, 2011


Opening of the cabinet of mammography for research of a mammary gland of women became the most significant entered equipment in establishment.


Modernization of thecabinet for the installation of an X-ray machine" Pulmaskan-760 "in the amount of 120.0 million. Rubles

in 2008
in 2009


"Repair of premises for the installation of mammography," in the amount of 135.0 million. Rubles


"Modernization and renovation of the 1st floor of the building under the Department of Prevention" in the amount of 428.0 million. Rubles

in 2010
In 2015


modernization of the radiological department with installation of the modern digital equipment was carried out.

Thermal modernization of policlinic including works on thermal isolation of external walls, replacement of window blocks, partial replacement of a roof was completed.